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Whether you are getting divorced or need help with a separation agreement, expect straight-forward advice and prompt response from Edmonton lawyer Jo-Ann Quinn

Photo of Edmonton Family Law lawyer Jo-Ann Quinn, an attorney at the law offices of Carr Quinn King , who helps clients by showing them how Alberta law applies to their divorce, the drafting of legal agreements, including prenups and postnups, and much more.For the past 15 years, Jo-Ann T. Quinn has focused on Family Law legal matters, including providing legal services related to prenuptial and post nuptial agreements,also known as a prenup and postnup, separation agreements, divorce, property division, parenting, child support and legal representation of children and youth.

Jo-Ann encourages anyone seeking legal advice to consult a lawyer, rather than relying on information from a friend, family member or neighbour. 'Only a qualified lawyer is able to reliably advise a client by interpreting and applying the law to their particular circumstances and family."

At all times, Jo-Ann's objective is to assist clients in reaching practical, equitable, common sense outcomes consistent with legal principles and legislation. "In general, my approach avoids the pitfalls, risk and cost of litigation. There is a place for litigation, but it should be a last resort when alternative processes prove unsuccessful."

Jo-Ann reminds clients that the court system is set up to protect the interests of children, not the interests of the parents. "If a child is involved, I have a professional obligation to explain what course of action is in the child's best interest, even if that is something my client may not want to hear."

As a mediator, Jo-Ann acts as an impartial facilitator, dedicated to achieving a mutually acceptable resolution of disputed issues.

Jo-Ann is recognized as a passionate advocate of children's rights. She has been appointed by both the Provincial and Queen's Bench Courts of Alberta as independent counsel for children and youth involved in parenting conflicts. She also represents children and youth in child protection court proceedings, and acts as an agent representing the Director of Alberta Child and Family Services.

"I enjoy representing children and derive great satisfaction from bringing the child's voice and views into court proceedings," she says. This approach is empowering for the child and it helps ensure the court has all the information needed to achieve an outcome that is in the child's interest. "Courts understand and appreciate the importance of taking the child's views into consideration during the decision making process."

Choosing Jo-Ann to be your legal advocate means you can expect to work with a lawyer who places a high priority on offering personalized services and effective communication with her clients. "I strive to understand a client's position and underlying interests, convey straight forward advice and promptly inform clients of new developments" explains Jo-Ann.

Personal history and academic qualifications

Jo-Ann T. Quinn obtained a Bachelor of Education in 1976 at McGill University in Montréal, Québec. She then moved to Calgary and worked as a youth worker for several years, followed by nine years as an elementary and junior high school teacher.

Jo-Ann graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta in 1993. After graduating, she worked in the human rights field for several years.

In 1998, Jo-Ann became a member of the Law Society of Alberta. After three years as an associate with Ahlstrom Wright Oliver & Cooper in Sherwood Park, she joined the Edmonton Family Law Office as legal counsel for Legal Aid. In 2004, she and James Carr formed Carr Quinn. Christopher King joined them in 2008.


  • Law Society of Alberta
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Canadian Bar Association Family Law Section (Edmonton) executive member
  • Registered Collaborative Family Professionals - Edmonton, Alberta
  • International Association of Collaborative Professionals


In 2001 Jo-Ann received the Canadian Bar Association Young Lawyers - Pro Bono Award in recognition of her voluntary legal services to the community.

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