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When Collaborative Law can be a great option

Some couples are attracted to the idea of resolving a legal dispute without going to court, but they prefer to be represented by their lawyer during the negotiation. This is known formally as Collaborative Law. The participants have to agree to all the terms in a Collaborative Law Participation Agreement, including privacy, confidentiality and full information disclosure.

Before the negotiation, you meet with your lawyer to discuss the issues, the desired outcomes and the strategies that will be used to reach those goals. The other party does the same. Then all four individuals go to a settlement meeting where each party is encouraged to speak freely and the lawyers are allowed to advocate for their clients and suggest solutions, but final decisions are made by the clients.

Best results are achieved when the parties understand that the goal is not to win. The goal is to achieve a resolution that benefits both parties.

Benefits of collaborative law

  • Obtain legal help without having to go to court
  • Maintain decision-making control
  • Shield your children from the stress created by a highly contested legal case
  • Makes it possible to maintain good relations with your past spouse
  • Keep your personal affairs private, not public which is what happens if a divorce goes to court

Legal fees to hire a collaborative law lawyer

Collaborative Law is not necessarily less expensive than negotiation or mediation but it is more efficient and therefore tends to be a more cost effective option. Resolving disputes through these alternative options is always less expensive than going to court. For more information about Collaborative Law call Jo-Ann Quinn at 780-488-9948 ext. 4.

Collaborative law offers support and options to resolve marital disputes without going to court.

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